Undergraduate Admissions for Academic Year 2023


1. An Overview of Admissions and Acceptance Numbers for Academic Year 2023

2. TCAS Admission Requirements for all Thai Programs for Academic Year 2023

      2.1 TCAS Admission Requirements in 1.2 Portfolio Round        Download
      2.2 TCAS Admission Requirements in 3rd Admission Round    Download  

3. Admission Requirements for International Programs

      3.1 Business Communication Program (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean major)
             Admission Requirements    Download     

      3.2 British-American Studies Program
             Admission Requirements   Download

4. Our New Curriculum for All Thai and International Programs (2023 Revised Edition) 

5. Brochures and Prospectus for Special Programs

      5.1 Special Programs (Thai Programs)
             1. B.A. in Area Studies (Major in Southeast Asian Studies)
                  Brochure and Prospectus Download             
             2. B.A. in Area Studies (Major in Russian and Eurasian Studies)
                  Brochure and Prospectus Download

             3. B.A in Area Studies (Major in Korean Studies)
                  Brochure and Prospectus Download

             4. B.A. in Translation and Interpretation in the Digital Age 
                  Brochure and Prospectus Download

      5.2 Special Programs (International Programs)
             1. B.A. in British and American Studies (International Program)
                  Brochure and Prospectus Download             

             2. B.A. in Business Communication (International Program)
                 (Major in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
                  Brochure and Prospectus Download


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